I have experienced worst ever customer service when I request them to review my current triple play promotion as per competitor and also when I request them to disconnect my services with them.

The minute after when I requested to cancel service, that rep behaviour changed completely and very rude in tone and asking(commenting?) many nonsense questions and put off phone.

Much before this, when I called cust svc, the rep lady name Hayat thought herself as MD for optimum and not at all provided service/answers which I requested.

When I asked supervisor, she told me that no use calling supervisor, this is the final nothing to change/review and not given chance to connect me to manager and after several minutes repeating same, she just put me on hold for 20 minutes and told later that no one available to talk. !! what a .................

Some reps r really excellent. but due to few bad reps, losing reputation and ofcoutse finallyy I am not returning to optimum.


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Same things happened with me then I disconnected my optimum service bcz of their rude customer service.


they are rude, really rude. Verizon has a bad service, but they respect customers, not like optimum

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